Commercial Property Improvement Program Project Consideration

The Commercial Property Improvement Project (CPIP) program is available to owners of commercial and industrial properties located in the following areas:

  • Johnson Street from 72nd Avenue to 55th Avenue
  • Hollywood Boulevard from 72nd Avenue to 22nd Avenue
  • US 441 north of Atlanta Street to Pembroke Road
  • Dixie Highway/N 21st Avenue from Sheridan Street to Pembroke Road
  • Federal Highway/US1 from Sheridan Street to Pembroke Road

Projects should demonstrate a comprehensive design with substantial improvements to the exterior facade of the building, conform to district characteristics, and thereby enhance the visual quality and attractiveness of the corridor and the area's physical characteristics.


  • Project viability & readiness
  • Comprehensiveness of plan 
  • Impact on the commercial corridor 
  • Significance of exterior improvements 
  • Level of applicant's investment:
    • Relationship between estimated project costs and amount the applicant is willing to contribute 
    • Contributions – cash, subsidizing a particular part of the work, or prior documented improvements financed by the applicant in the preceding twelve month period.

Eligible Improvements

  • Exterior painting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Signage
  • Landscaping
  • Paving of parking areas, walkways, or patios
  • Impact resistant windows and doors
  • Removal of window AC units
  • High-efficiency HVAC (exceptions apply)
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Structural repair
  • Concrete restoration
  • Electrical work*
  • Plumbing work*
  • Evaluation and abatement of asbestos hazards*
  • Lead based paint hazard evaluation and abatement*

*When necessary to correct health and safety issues.

Improvements Not Covered By The Program

  • Non-impact resistant windows
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Interior work


  • Applicant must demonstrate fee-simple ownership of the commercial property
  • Building must be located within the program designated areas 
  • A comprehensive design that includes substantial improvements to the exterior facade of the building(s) that conform to the district's characteristics in an effort to enhance the visibility of the corridor. 
  • Applicant must demonstrate the necessary private financing required to complete the project has been secured, or is in the process of being securing as evidenced by one or more of the following: personal checking account, savings account, credit union account, loan agreement, letter of credit or any other documented source(s) acceptable to the City. 
  • Permits and approvals obtained from the Department of Development Services before work begins. Work performed to be inspected by Building and Engineering Divisions. 
  • When applicable, an environmental review will be performed and approval received from the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 
  • A licensed contractor will perform all work. Contractor agrees to comply with any and all requirements of the Community Development Block Grant Program including, but not limited to, Section 3 Compliance, Davis-Bacon Labor Standards and the Related Acts. 
  • Grant funds will be released upon project completion. 

Program Participation

The amount of funding shall be based on the final design and the construction estimates included in the application. For this reason, applicants are required to have qualified estimators prepare their estimates. The City and applicant will execute a funding agreement The contractor will certify then City staff will make the final determination as to whether the project has been successfully completed according to the approved plans. The applicant must attend a Reimbursement Submission Workshop prior to funds being released. Funding will be awarded upon completion of the project.

2017 Hollywood Blvd rendering

Construction Start

After the funding agreement has been executed, the applicant may award the construction contract and secure all necessary construction permits. The property owner must issue a ‘Notice to Proceed’ to the contractor, and apply for a building permit within thirty (30) days of executing the funding agreement. They also will need to notify City staff of the construction start date and provide a copy of the written ‘Notice to Proceed’. Construction will begin within thirty (30) days of approval and within sixty (60) days of execution of the Interest Participation agreement. Construction must be successfully completed within twelve (12) months or sooner. 

Modifications to the approved final plans or changes to the construction documents which produce visible differences in the previously approved facade design require review and approval by City staff prior to work being done. Failure to receive approval on modifications will invalidate the funding agreement and the agreement will be terminated. 

Funding Payments

General capital Outlay Funds and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds provided through CPIP agreements will be paid once the property owner has successfully completed the agreed upon improvements. The owner shall provide all verified project costs, including contractor invoices prior to program funds being disbursed. They must also provide sufficient security for grants awarded by the City and may include a mortgage, personal guarantee, security agreement and/or any other acceptable form of security. Property owners will be required to execute an agreement which terms and conditions require: 

  1. Sufficient security for the funding awarded
  2. Reimbursement to the City all or a portion of the funds awarded in the event the property owner sells the property, changes the use of the business or goes out of business prior to completing the project or anytime within five (5) years of receiving funds. 

During the compliance period, the City shall require annual reporting by the owner that includes, but is not limited to, a copy of the Local Business Tax Receipt or other applicable license renewal, a copy of the business’ income tax return, and a certification signed by the business owner guarantor that confirms compliance with the terms of the original agreement. Failure to comply with terms and conditions of the Agreement shall be considered a breach of contract. 

       (a) Failure to comply with the work program or terms of this Agreement; 

       (b) Failure to submit reports as required, including a favorable monitoring report; 

       (c) Submittal of incorrect or incomplete reports in any material respect